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Welcome to Monkey Bums! We are thrilled that you made it to our very special online store! Monkey Bums is an online baby store that specifically caters for mums and dads who are looking for eco-friendly, affordable products that caters to your baby’s every need. If you’re looking for something specific but can’t find it here drop us an email and we’ll do our best to find it!

Monkey Bums is now the proud retailer for Lili-Bums Cloth Diapers, the range is a WAHM (Work-At-Home-Mom) range, each nappy lovingly made by hand with only the highest quality materials. Hop on over to our Cloth Diaper section of the shop here to view what’s available. Lili-Bums is not just nappies, but also a select few crocheted and exclusive-design clothing items that can be found under the “Baby Clothes” Category of the shop.


Check back from time to time to see what specials and sales we run…there’s always something lurking around here!


September Trainig Pants



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Unfortunately Monkey Bums store is closed for now due to personal circumstances. However, you can still purchase Lili Bums nappies & accessories at www.lilibums.co.za